New Year New LSC: Renovation

Signage and Posting Policy

General Requirements for Postings

Rental and roommates postings need to be handled through Off Campus Student Services (491-2248); employment notices are handled through Student Employment Services (491-5714); no solicitation from outside vendors or commercial businesses is allowed, including credit card applications. Our staff will remove all postings of these types.

Bulletin Board Postings in the Lory Student Center

The bulletin boards near ASCSU are for entertainment and event (on or off campus) postings only and require authorization from the Information Desk (491-6444).

Postings are valid for two weeks for event bulletin boards and one week for solicitation boards. Items will be removed after that time.

All postings for event boards must be no larger than 20 inches x 25 inches.

The Buy/Sell boards in the Commons are to be used for the following categories and must be approved by Info Too:

  • For Sale
  • Books/tutoring
  • Wanted
  • Auto/bike

Newspaper Rack Policy and Procedure

Racks can be reserved for both on and off campus publications. All racks must be reserved before items may be placed in them.

Racks are reserved for the fiscal year, beginning July 1. Patrons are responsible for the renewal of their rack spaces each year and must restock it with publications throughout the year.

If a rack is empty for more than one week or if the publication is not current (more than one month old) the reservation will be terminated. If the reservation is terminated, the patron must reserve and pay for another rack if one is available.

Only publications in newspaper and magazine format are permitted. (No flyers or brochures are permitted). Coupon books are permitted with approval from a manager at the Information Desk.

CSU-affiliated organizations (on-campus publications) can reserve up to three spaces for free (if additional racks are requested they may be rented for the same amounts as an off-campus publication), and off-campus publications can reserve a space for$60 per fiscal year.

South Brochure Rack Policies and Procedures

The Information Desk staff must approve all brochures.

Any brochures placed in the rack without approval will be recycled or thrown away.

Brochures must be for an event or events pertaining to Colorado State University, the Fort Collins community, and/or surrounding areas.

(Advertisements, fliers for restaurants, or anything conflicting with business interests in the Lory Student Center will not be allowed, such as bookstores, pizza places, etc.)

Brochures can be placed in the racks for approximately six months at a time (e.g. July 1, 2007 through December 20, 2007 or January 6, 2008 through June 24, 2008.)

If you have any questions, or to get your brochure approved, please contact the Information Desk in the Lory Student Center at 491-6444.

Table Tents

Table tents that promote Student Organization or University Department events are permitted on the tables in the Food Court and the Commons area. Table tents can be displayed for a maximum of 7 consecutive days and must be approved by the Food Court Manager (491-7465).

Approved by the Lory Student Center Governing Board, March 21, 2003