Co-Sponsorship Policy

If a group plans to co-sponsor an event in a reserved Lory Student Center (LSC) space, they should indicate this to Event Planning Services (EPS) and provide names of all co-sponsoring groups. The sponsoring group should be aware that the organization making the reservation is responsible for payment and for maintaining the proper condition of the facility. The sponsoring organization/department should make contact with EPS staff before the event begins and monitor the event throughout.

Events scheduled in the LSC are primarily for the members of Colorado State University and must comply with the policy prohibiting "fronting." Fronting occurs when an on-campus organization is used to represent primarily the interests of an off-campus group. Registered student organizations or campus departments may reserve space only for events that they directly sponsor, are integrally involved in, and will be present at. Student groups and university departments co-sponsoring with an off-campus group where an admission or registration fee is charged, taking contributions, or selling items may be charged a room rental fee.

Approved by the Lory Student Center Governing Board, March 21, 2003